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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  February 12, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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the surveillance video will help to find the man who carjacked and kidnapped an elderly man and a 13-year-old in oakland. french president hollande goes stag to a white house dinner and is ready for aybar -- for a bay area visit. >> bomjour on this wednesday morning. >> first up, we will check on the wet forecast. mike? >> did we hear how the food was or his opinion? we will check into that. now, fog. on the broadcast center it is breezy. that is why the fog is not so widespread around the bay as yesterday. we are tracking live doppler 7 hd at quarter-mile visibility in livermore and novato. half a mile in santa rosa. 2.5 miles at half moon bay and that is making it over to sfo. we will check sfo to see if they have flight arrival delays.
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we still have a healthy cloud deck over us. less fog an the bay. temperatures in the mid-to-upper 40's and in the upper 50's by noon with clouds opening for sunshine and sunny and 63 at 4:00. to the north we have a chance of thick fog through the only hours and during the afternoon and evening we have a chance of sprinkles across the north bay and the east bay valleys will be partly sunny with temperatures in the mid-60's. >> good morning, everyone, we have an update on the pedestrian fatal accident in san francisco. on the map, southbound van ness is now re-opened between broadway and pacific which is where a car fatally struck a pedestrian so the investigation is in the clearing stages right now and southbound van ness re-opened between broadway and pacific. to the south out of daly city and toward san bruno the accident southbound 280 the traffic is recovering there.
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this is in san jose street closed off east santa clara street is shut down between market and 2nd after a fatal bar fight. >> we follow breaking news from the south bay where one person is dead following a bar brawl in san jose. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has what is happening. good morning, homicide investigators are on the scene on santa clara street looking no clues. police are not releasing a lost information but it began with an argument inside of johnny v.'s bar before closing. the fight escalated outside the bar on the sidewalk. a man was stabbed. he died en route to the hospital. a suspect is now under arrest. the officers flagged down were directed to an individual they believe to be the suspect. they made contact with the individual. they took him into custody.
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and the weapon. >> police are not releasing the names of the victim or the suspect. we do not know what the fight was about. the street is closed between market and 2nd. thank you, cornell. leyla gulen mentioned this breaking news from 4:30: police if san francisco have arrested the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian on van ness after pacific avenue at 1:00 o'clock this morning. he now is charged with vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run he was identified trying to walk away from the scene. the victim has not been identified. he was an adult male. katie marzullo was first on the scene this morning and will have a live in the next half hour. >> developing news from oakland, an an an -- amber alert is
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young girl were hijacked. >> as people wake it it is hoped that people will bring this tips. look at this surveillance video inside the safeway year. this is who police are looking for, african-american, with salt and pepper hair, about 5' 6"" staling steak and lobster from inside the store and want out and, armed with a five, stole a car with two people inside. >> our concern is and our priority is for the safety of the occupants of the vehicle that was described as elderly gentleman and a young girl, possibly around age 13. >> it ised is. -- it is sad. it is sad. it is sad that someone has to
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steal food and innocent people are hijacked. >> this happened at 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the safeway in oakland off of highway 13. police say no one has reported the man and the girl missing. i asked police about that and if this was the get away car. they say at this time it is being treated as stranger abduction with no indication the man and the girl knew the man with the knife. here is the car description and the license plate: 6jfm648. you see it on a red vehicle car 9-1-1. this man is dangerous. we will follow this story on air and online at
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our reporting continues on twitter@abcnews bay area. >> and new news on the missing sierra lamar with the prime minister about -- with the prime suspect about to go on trial and the case will go directly to trial. it was delayed by legal maneuvers by the attorney of torres. she vanished in march of 2012 in morgan hill and the body has never been found. police arrested torres two months later say they have d.n.a. evidence linking him to her death. today, san francisco sometimes call the "paris of the west," has a chance to brush up on that today hosting the president of france today. hollande comes to the bay area after the white house state dinner. today he will be greeted by san francisco mayor lee and thement lieutenant
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-- and the lt. governor newsom. he will is lunch with local high-tech business leaders showing that france is a good play to begin start-up businesses. >> san francisco supervisors are planning to join hundreds of city workers, nurses, and community supporters to protest what they call "corporate favoritism" in the city. they plan a noon march to twitter headquarters off market street saying it is an example of a company getting tax breaks while services and rising republicans are impacting city residents. they say evictions last year were up 38 percent and medium rents are up 21 percent to 57 percent across the city they say the city has lost $600 million in corporate giveaways such as the google bus shuttle that has been using muni stops. >> a local lawmaker plans to donate stem cells to help the five year suffering from cancer. san jose city councilman will
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undergo the procedure. 14 years ago he joined a national bone marrow registry and was told he matches a child in need. he hopes the story encourages more people to become donors. we have a link to the registry on our website at it looks dry. how about later today or tomorrow. mike? >> sprinkles are possible across the north pay. we will look at the temperatures stepping outside this morning in the upper 40's this most areas on the peninsula. up to 50 in palo alto. we are mid-to-upper 40's in most area but 10 ran -- but san ramon is coolest at 41. temperatures in the north bay are same as yesterday. the rest of us are three to five degrees warmer which is above average. toward friday, this more chances of sprinkles but saturday and sunday, we are thinking about
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rain. >> thanks at 6:09. clear conditions across the pay area and we do have areas where there is congestion. we will look at our maps can see what is happening across 580, tracy to dublin and 43 minutes and 20 members westbound from highway four from antioch to concord and 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco that is 17 minutes. the north bay drive you can see there is fog that mike has been telling us about covered in orange and further to the south into petaluma you will find delays around 116 and you pick up speed. at the golden gate bridge in the southbound direction traffic is smoothly and the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza. seven months of scandal finally come to an end in
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southern california. the new mayor just elected in san diego. >> bittersweet birth. we will hear from a man who became a father and a widower in the same weekend. >> customer commitment: a promise chick-fil-a is making this morning and why we have to wait for five years. >> we follow developing news with an amber alert in ever if for a teenage girl with more of the new surveillance video of the suspect.
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of the besis that ma is that millions of people will qualify for financial assistance. it's important to remember that the lower your annual income, the greater financial assistance you will receive. enroll today at covering cupertino, concord, wine country and all bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning the 6:13 on wednesday. 680 and walnut creek traffic is moving pretty well here. there is the threat of some sprinkles and relegated to one bay area neighborhood. we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco, and leyla gulen. >> developing news on the amber
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alert in oakland. this surveillance video has been released from the safeway. this man is believed to be shoplifting steaks and lobsters. witness saw the man run outside armed with a knife and get into a vehicle with an older man and the teen inside. police say witnesses told them the two people did not appear to know the suspect. no one mapping those descriptions has been reported missing. people are telling the public to look no a red sedan with california license plate 6jfm648 mixed emotions for a man in canada celebrating the bit of his son and mourning the death of his wife. he cradles his son after being born on saturday in sectorria after his wife suffered a brain hemorrhage 22 weeks into the pregnancy. doctors kept her on life support to give the son a chance to
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survive and took her off after he was born 12 weeks premature. >> the best thing that has happened as far as having him here and obviously nothing worse than losing your partner. >> people across canada and beyond have given to a fund for him so he can take time off work. donations have competed expectations. he plans to use that money to hire caregivers and pay for his son's education. >> it is now 6:15. the votes have been counted and san diego has a new mayor taking office next month serving out the remaining 33 months of filner's term, the first democratic mayor in twice a while and resigned in august after a dozen women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment. filner pleaded guilty to three charges of mistreating women and was sentenced to three months home confinement.
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>> the threat of a government shut down is over and the republican-controlled house of representatives pass add measure -- passed a measure to citizen the did the limit after per officer said his party would relent and not add other items to the must pass legislation. the treasury can now borrow money well past the next election. >> thanks. ♪ what a wonderful day >> 28 republicans voted "yes" and a democrat and effectively ended a tea party fueled debate over the budget. >> the fast food giant known for fried chicken sandwiches is paying a new customer commitment, meat without antibiotics. chick-fil-a will seven the meat raised wrought antibiotics in five years and working with suppliers to make sure there is enough antibiotic free chick for
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use. they are making this because of customer demand. chill moment and pa -- chipolte and panera have already made the commitment to serve antibiotic free meat. >> a second day of easy; that a record nor us? mike? >> i hope so. good morning, everyone, we have a few issues with the fog. it is not as wide spread as yesterday. it is not as humid as yesterday. it is cooler. live doppler 7 hd shows clouds covering the bay area. that is it. otherwise, it is quiet for the morning commute. you can see the multi layers of clouds from 2,600' on mount tamalpais and the low clouds covering bay and high clouds is what will dominate the afternoon as the storm system passes us to the north and bring us sunny
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conditions but still above-average temperatures as we are on the warmside of the storm. chance of light rain, sprinkles in the north bay the next 48 hours and the rest of us get a chance this welcome. upper 50's to let 60's coolest along the coast into san francisco and richmond and mid-to-upper 60's elsewhere with more sunshine as you head southward and more clouds headed to the north where sprinkles are possible and a better chance of light rain which is measurable in the north bay. upper 40's to, say, low 50's stepping outside tomorrow. our atmospheric river fell to the south and fell apart. a secondary one is building and moving toward portland and seattle so we will be on the southern edge. you can see the sprinkles by noon a better chance of light rain in the afternoon with the future radar runs dipping down to santa rosa. overnight it is easier for the rain to reach the ground and the green is more widespread but
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stays in the north bay. for thursday evening, we are looking at the same thing. friday we will be mostly cloudy but dry for value -- valentine's day and on saturday the cold front comes from the north but then falls apart. it will dump the moisture in the north bay and taper overnight headed into the south bay. the seven-day forecast shows mild temperatures through friday. a slight pull back with the wind shifts saturday and sunday. we will be above average and dry on monday and tuesday. today through friday will be the warmer days in the forecast. enjoy. >> good morning, everyone. we reported a fatal pedestrian accident in san francisco blocking off southbound van ness between broadway and pacific and southbound van ness has re-opened and we have another issue in san jose.
6:20 am
cornell bernard is on the scene a fatal stabbing between market and 2nd that now is shut down and it could affect the drive on 87 nobody or southbound headed into that area. the altamont pass shows a big area orange and that is an indication of fog at quarter-mile visibility slow things down at 25 miles per hour. it picks up headed into dublin. this is a crash southbound 101 causing delays through petaluma with plenty of fog. >> chaos and deadly scene in new york after a bus slammed right into scaffolding. the reason first responders say it will be some time before the bus can be taken away. first, barbie's buzz, a new swimsuit spread featuring the doll is causing controversy thi. .
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we will check with josh and what is coming up on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> coming up here...more history. not the good kind the an ice storm again slamming the south. it is expected to knock out power across the region for days and obviously make travel treacherous.
6:24 am
we have the details on where it will hit today, tomorrow and the next day. that is all ahead on "good morning america" in 36 minutes. right now new video of nasa's curiosity recovery rolling along two years after the mission began. these are pictures leaving the tracks in the soft dirt. the rover has covered three miles since landing on the red planet in 2012 and nasa is using information from the rover to see if mars could have supported life in the past and attract changes in the end environment. >> the 50th anniversary sports illustrated swimsuit issue features legendary women who have worn a one or two piece including christie brinkley, kathy ireland and...barbie. yes, barbie.
6:25 am
mattel and sports illustrated collaborated to feature barbie who is a boundary-breaking woman. there are is controversy online and many say mattel and "sports illustrated" are send the wrong message to girls. >> she looks a little...plastic to me. >> the morning news continues at 6:30 with the top story. >> including new details on breaking news in san francisco. we have been following another pedestrian hit who was killed on the busiest streets and police tracked down the suspect in a matter of minutes. >> oakland police are hoping as the day gets going some tips will come in after a man abducted an early kidnapping,
6:26 am
young girl about age thin. >> a chance of sprinkles and rain this weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> leyla gulen here in the traffic center, with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is heavy coming across the transition road from 580/880 to the tolls.
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♪ they lived.
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♪ they lived. ♪ they lived. ♪ (dad) we lived... thanks to our subaru. ♪ (announcer) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 6:29 on wednesday of the thanks for joining us. first up, we will look at the weather forecast. here is mike. thank you. good morning from the top of the broadcast center. we just showed fog developing. it is not so widespread as year. we are seeing it on live doppler
6:30 am
7 hd. less than quarter-mile visibility in novato and we down to the thickest fog around there. we have quarter-mile visibility in livermore. two in santa rosa. better in san jose at four than yesterday but 2.5 at sfo and two at half moon bay. the fog will lift at the same rate as yesterday but we will see an increase in high clouds with the multi layers of clouds. a beautiful, gorgeous shot from mount tamalpais. i captured that and put it on twitter if you want to take it later and use it as a screen shot. foggy areas the 42 to 50 and a breeze this morning. it feels cooler and by noon 52 to 57 with sprinkles in the authority bay and the rest of us with sun and low 50's and cloudy in the mid-50 in the evening. not is cool as this morning. hope you have a great commute. leyla gulen? >> we have the colors in our traffic but they are not so
6:31 am
pretty. we have quite a bit of congestion building. this is the drive headed through daly city and we have a stalled vehicle slowing things down southbound 280 at john daly boulevard. northbound traffic is moving fine but 37 westbound it is slow and teddy at highway 121. closer to novato, we have a better drive but plenty of fog. this crash is in the clearing stages in petaluma southbound 101 but traffic is slow. 631. developing news from oakland a statewide amber alert is in effect after a teen girl and elderly man were carjacked by an armed man. amy hollyfield is at the safeway where this began. >> there was a good working surveillance capture and they captured good images of the suspect. look at this before you head out
6:32 am
today. this is man they are looking for, african american, with salt and people more hair. about 5' 6". he had a knife and stole a car with two people inside, an elderly plan and a 13-year-old girl. but no one has recorded those two misses. i asked if this could have been the get away car and they say right now they treating this as a stranger abduction. ones say the man was stealing hob step and steak from inside the store and he went to the parking lot and stole the car. here is the license plate. it is a red sedan with license plate 6jfm648. just remember "6j if" on a red car then call it in. this happened at 1:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon in oakland. if you see these people do not
6:33 am
approach them. call police. thank you. we will follow this story on air and online at reporting continues now on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. . >> two work wees from a refinery in martinez are being treated after being airlifted to sacramento after being injured on the job. a spokesman says the two employees suffer non-life threatening injuries from an acid leak. the cause of the accident are "under investigation," but it is all clear now. >> san francisco police are investigating an over note crash that left a pedestrian dead on the edge of pacific heights. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the details. >> this is the fourth deadly pedestrian accident in san francisco this year and the third on van ness. there is a strange twist that led to the arrest of the driver. the inspector in charge of the
6:34 am
investigation said after the crash which was just before 1:00 o'clock a.m. at van ness an officer came upon the scene by chance and first went to try to give aid to the victim and witnesses pointed owe the driver who gathered up the belongings from the car and was walking away. the undercover officer made the arrest. the driver now is booked on charges of vehicular manslaughter and felony hit-and-run accident and run. the driver was not drunk or on drugs but they have not ruled out speed. he was headed south on van ness when he hit and kill the man. police do not know if the victim was in the crosswalk or not but later today, they will look at surveillance video from businesses which should help them put together the puzzle. southbound van ness between pacific and broadway was closed five hours while they investigateed. it just re-opened.
6:35 am
one person died after a bus and truck collided in green witch village today. four other people were kill asked two suffered serious injuries. both vehicles plowed and a scaffolding at 7th avenue and 15th street. the inspectors must determine how to remove the vehicle so the scaffolding doesn't collapse. they have not said how many were on the city bus. a vigil is held at uc berkeley for the cal football player who died after a conditioning run outside the stadium. the service will be head by his fraternity brothers and the cal student athletes and held at 7:00 p.m. at the plaza adjacent to the million stadium. a separate on-campus memorial service is being landed with details to be announced when they are finalized. >> celebration is planned at san francisco city hall to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the going of same-sex marriage in
6:36 am
the city and the state. in 2004 newly elected mayor newsom allowed same-sex couples to mary and said the constitution equal protection clause gave him authority to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. 4,000 licenses werent great -- were granted before the landmark decision by the supreme court last year. the california attorney general harris is running for re-election. she will make the announcement at 11 this morning at city hall where she was the district attorney for two terms. she plans to highlight achievements in the first term as the the top cop. she is the first woman and first south asian to hold that office in history. >> we are following breaking news from the south bay: a bar brawl ended in a deadly stabbing. >> a smash-and-grab left
6:37 am
superman and darth vader perplexed. >> this view is not perplexing, just a beautiful view with the rising sun and the mist and fog. mike has the forecast when we return.
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good morning from the roof watching a crippling ice storm: 2,700 flights canceled already. 2,300 delayed. call ahead to sfo, san jose, and oakland. it will be a mess trying to get through the busiest airports. windy in the high country. winds gutting to 45 until 7:00 at lake tahoe. thick fog in the san joaquin valley. record highs in lake tahoe at 50 today. in the 60's to low 70's through the central valley. mid-to-upper 70's in san diego and los angeles and 85 in palm springs. what winter? we don't have one. we had it last weekend. leyla gulen? >> we did. dry roads this morning. we have fog. you have been reporting that, mike. we do have three miles visibility through vallejo and quarter-mile visibility through livermore slowing the traffic down at 580. now, mass transit, bart has
6:41 am
trains running on time and muni all buss and rail with no delays but ace train one is going to be delayed and three and seven are moving along fine. as we look at the problem southbound 280 at daly city we have this stalled vehicle block one lane and causing speed delays. new video showing a man smashing the windows of an lapd patrol cruiser on hollywood boulevard and snatching the laptop from the car. what is unusual is that he did it right in front of darth vader and have man was this, too, and neither of them got involved. it happened yesterday in the tourist area where people dress in costume for fun. police move merchandise and arrested the window smasher on a hollywood walk of fame gold star. he down and cuffed. he was taken to jail on fell will any vandalism. no word if he will be put in the
6:42 am
same cell as darth vader. >> twitter is redesigning a way that could have users thinking they are look at facebook payments. >> the missouri basketball stall michael sam getting support after revealing he is gay. he is actually a nfl potential star, but one family member is not on board. >> stay
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covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. we are continuing to following breaking news from the south bay where a bar brawl turned deadly in san jose. our reporter is on the scene with new development. what happened, cornell? >> the murder investigation is wrapping up. police have recovered a murder weapon, a knife. homicide investigators are on the scene looking for clues. we know that this began with an argument inside the johnny v.'s bay before closing and escalated outside the bar. a man was stabbed and died en route to the hospital. a suspect is now under arrest.
6:46 am
>> the officers found a victim on the ground and some ones pointed out a possible suspect. the officers took care of the victim and took a possible suspect interest custody. at this point we trying to sort things out. police are not releasing the names of the victim or the suspect and we do nut -- not know what the fight was about that led to the fatal stabbing. eastbound lanes of santa clara have re-opened in the last couple of moments and westbound lanes closed between first and second street. in downtown for abc7. the father of university of missouri football player michael sam says that he is struggling with the news that his son is gay. in an interview with "new york times" michael sam sr. found out on tuesday when he sent him a text that said and i quote, "dad, i'm gay."
6:47 am
and sam sr. who is described as "old school" toll the newspaper the idea of a gay player in the nfl bothers him although that could be his son but he loves his son and hopes he makes it in the nfl. trading is underway on wall street. we will look at the big board and see the dow is up about 25 points back over the 16,000 mark at 16,018. >> there is a massive child car seat recall by graco recalling 13 million car seats because of faulty buckles. it is the fourth largest recall of car seats. the acknowledge wants graco to recall another 1.8 million car seats. the company says food and liquid can affect the buckle. customers are offered new buckles for free. we have the details on abc7 news
6:48 am >> twitter is testing a redesign reminisce -- reminiscent of facebook and facebook with more space dedicated to the header photograph. the new tweet stream is a departure from the signature look with greater focus on photos and content and moves away from a strictly vertical timeline. it is plan for twitter to test new features out on small random pools of users. we will check things out with mike nicco enjoying the roof this morning. it is dry. >> it is nice. it is dry. it is still foggy. we do not have the sunrise at the lower will vacation but this is -- in the lower elevation but you can hear the city waking up.
6:49 am
1.5 mile visibility in santa rosa and half moon bay in novato and quarter-mile visibility in livermore and flight arrival delays at 45 minutes and 1.25 in san jose and clear we commute in the south bay than yesterday. we will look at temperatures if you are taking bart, we have a lot of mid-40's influence dublin, and walnut creek and lafayette and 47 at pittsburg and union city and fremont at 49. hayward and oakland and san francisco at 50 and 46 at sfo and daly city right now. it is about one to five degrees cooler and a breeze, too, so it feels cooler. maybe dress warmer. sunny today expel be rid of the low cloudses and high clouds take over, slight chance of light rain across the north bay the next 48 hours and widespread chance for the rest of us. warmest around the bay mid-to-upper 60's and upper 60's
6:50 am
along the coast into san francisco and warmer-than-average for some of us. widespread fog and clouds with it with temperatures in the mid-40's to 50. over the weekend we had atmospheric river on top of us and now another headed to the pacific northwest. we on the warm side of that and the north bay is closest so as we see the only influence the afternoon -- we see the morning through the afternoon, we have a better chance of light rain tomorrow and more sprinkles on thursday. friday will be mostly clouds with pockets of sunshine. saturday night interest sunday i am thinking in the seven-day forecast is our best chance of rain. quarter inch in the north bay but the system will fall apart rapidly as it moves northbound and southbound across our neighborhood. warmest days are today, tomorrow, and friday in the mid-60's throughout the weekend and next week when it will be dry again.
6:51 am
have a good morning. >> we have had our practice driving in the rain so it should not be too bad the next time around, we have a couple problems with fog impacting the commute over the altamont pass as we see the orange slowing traffic down, and we have the brand new accident in the east bay southbound along the nimitz and you can see the bumper-to-bumper track is solid red and we have this crash. now, it look like we have lanes blocked and traffic is completely thinned out as you head into union city, northbound traffic is not affected at this time. drive time traffic 580 tracy to dublin is 47 minutes and highway 4 antioch to concord is 24 minutes and from san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes with fog. we will look out of the starting with san jose northbound on 87 beyond julian street a little south of there, that would be santa clara street and if you get east freeway eastbound traffic is now re-opened define market and second and cornell
6:52 am
bernard has been reporting a fatal stabbing blocks the lanes off westbound santa clara street. thank you, leyla gulen at 6:52. if you have checked out the olympics you can watch abc7 news at 11 each night open our website or our mobile app and if you want to know what is happening at 11:00 you can use your ipad or smart known to watch us and download the news app for iphone, ipad or detroit at with more information. >> seven things to know before you go.
6:53 am
good morning, everyone, at 6:53. we are looking from our sutro camera to the east bay with the sun rising and a beautiful shot with the fog and low clouds and more in the forecast coming up.
6:54 am
>> as we hand thing off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know. >> a pedestrian dead and a driver arrested after an accident in san francisco at van ness avenue. the driver tried to walk away from the scene but witnesses pointed him out to an under cover officer who arrested him. victim has not been identified. >> two, worker who suffered burns in an overnight accident at an accident in martinez are involving at the medical center. a spokesman doesn't know the extent of the injuries but says that they were caused by an acid leak. >> three, oakland police have released new surveillance video from a safeway store of a suspect in a carjacking the subject of a statewide amber alert with a 13-year-old girl and an elderly man in a car in a car license plate 6jfm648. four, a man died after a bar fight semid into the street in
6:55 am
downtown san jose today. witnesses told police that another man stabbed the victim. officers took the suspect into custody and also recovered a weapon. the victim died after being rushed to the hospital. five, french president hollande visits san francisco after the white house state dinner last night with president and mrs. obama and will attend the city hall event before lunch with local business hers and high-tech executives. 60's, most -- six, most of us off to a cooler and cloudy morning. before you head out the door on visibility with live doppler 7 hd you can see it is thick and getting thicker the next hour or two with flight arrival delays into sfo. if you were above, say, a thousand or 1,500' this is how it looks, gorgeous sunrise from the east bay hills camera with nothing through the morning and it will be sunny by noon and slight chance of sprinkles across the north bay and most of us in the low 60's today. 15, a bit of a gloomy look
6:56 am
where it will take you 20 long minutes away from the maze into san francisco. at our map this is where we have a problem, a crash involving a couple of vehicles southbound along 880 south of highway 92 and in the north bay we have a new report of a crash there and that is at highway 92 before you get to the tolls. this is on the south bay freeway westbound blocking one lane at first. thank you, we continue now online and on twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking now, that dangerous and crippling ice storm taking hold across the south. the national guard out on freezing roads. the entire system on track to dump up to a foot of snow from washington to boston. our extreme weather team with up-to-the-minute information. i thought i was going to be killed. >> dramatic testimony in the so-called loud music trial. the man charged with killing an unarmed teen taking the stand in his own defense. re-enacting what happened that night. his fate in the hands of the jury as early as today. america's halfpipe hero, shaun white, falls short. the flying tomato going jump for jump with a kid named ipod. his yolo move wowing everyone. as americans fall hi


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